The Flex Frontier was created by Vicki Harrison in 2014, inspired by her experience seeking flexible career options after she became a mother. After struggling for five years to find part time or flexible positions that would allow her to blend her career with her desire to play an active role in raising her two daughters, Vicki set out to create the resource she sought but could not find during her own search. In establishing the Flex Frontier, her goals are to help others connect with existing resources and like-minded people to more easily find their best blend of work/life/family, and in doing so to help make this flexibility the new norm. As its name reflects, the Flex Frontier is intended to provide an open resource-sharing and networking platform to help advance the acceptance and practice of job sharing and opportunities that better fit a new era of professionals wanting to balance work, life, and family in healthier and more rewarding ways. Vicki is compiling these resources and hosting this job share board free of charge with the pure intent of providing a resource that she believes should exist; and in doing so hopes that it will benefit as many people as possible.

Vicki has a Master’s degree in Social Work and fifteen years of experience developing programs and services for families, primarily in the fields of public health and education. She has always been especially passionate about issues impacting women and girls and is naturally driven to forge community partnerships for the greater good. She is the mother of two young girls and is excited to bring her passion and experience to the Flex Frontier while simultaneously pursuing her own career and family goals.