What Is The Flex Frontier?

The way we want and need to fulfill the goals and commitments we have made for our career, life and family has outpaced society’s evolution in this area. Flexibility is the exception rather than the rule and still considered a perk or privilege rather than the norm. As our “villages” spread farther out, flexibility becomes even more critical to meeting family obligations and achieving personal and professional fulfillment. There is a growing body of research indicating flexibility creates more efficient, loyal, and satisfied employees, yet a majority of employers are still reticent to offer this option. This creates a no-win situation for many people, leading to dissatisfaction in their jobs, personal and professional sacrifices, and to an increasing number of highly skilled employees opting out of the workforce.

Technology has opened up many new possibilities for how we can work efficiently and productively. And we have a sharing economy that can be leveraged to create an entirely new frontier of resources and opportunities for reaching career goals while still prioritizing family needs. The Flex Frontier was created to advocate for advancement in this area and to help connect you with resources and prospective partners that will help you achieve your best blend of work/life/family.