The “Work Life Balance” Taboo

As a phrase, work life balance is no longer politically correct. Numerous articles and blogs have described the shift away from work life balance and advocates have stopped using the term. deemed it a “bygone ideal” and put it at the top of their “15 Business Words We Want To Ban in 2015” list.

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Take Back Your Time

John deGraaf is President of Take Back Your Time, a non-profit organization working to improve lives by eliminating the epidemic of overwork in America. In our interview below, John answers my questions about the importance of this new initiative and its relevance to Americans seeking better work/life/family integration. How did Take Back Your Time come

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Back To Work Brain

Last month, I showed up for my daughter’s Monday afternoon parent-teacher conference right on time – actually I was 10 minutes early and quite satisfied with myself for having successfully executed the logistical gymnastics required to get me out of work, through the 45 minute commute, and there on time. My sense of accomplishment quickly

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Flexibility As Currency in Job Negotiations

(I wrote this post for 1 Million for Work Flexibility, where it also appears on their blog.) Work flexibility has long been viewed as a perk or a privilege that comes along with winning the “boss lottery” and being fortunate to have a supervisor who supports flexible work hours. But as it becomes common practice

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Where Have All The Carpools Gone?

Every parent I know (myself included) spends a significant chunk of his/her waking hours shuttling the kids to and from school, sports, lessons, day care, play dates, birthday parties, and field trips. Managing to get kids to and from all of these activities and places often requires an inordinate amount of time and a complex

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What Do 3.9 Million Mommy Blogs Tell Us About Flexible Work Options?

There are 3.9 million women with children writing blogs in the United States. Does anyone else find that number staggering? 3.9 million! And that is just one estimate. These so-called “mommy blogs” cover a wide variety of subjects, including parenting, work/life, health, cooking, product reviews, money saving discounts, travel, fashion, and just about anything else you can think

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