Clawing My Way Back In

While networking during my job search, an old friend put me in touch with a colleague who worked in a similar field and had recently returned to work after a break to raise her children and pursue additional education. During our phone conversation, she described her background and her journey to, as she put it,

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The Right to Request Flextime

If you work in San Francisco, did you know you have the right to request a flexible schedule? The Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance (FFWO), spearheaded by San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu, went into effect on January 1st of this year. Under the FFWO, employees working in San Francisco for an organization of 20 or more

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National Flex Day

Today is National Flex Day! The Flex Frontier is excited to have launched in time to become a part of this annual event and to be able to share the new data from Working Mother on which 100 companies are best for flex and what progressive flex practices look like:

Embarking on the Flex Frontier

“The Balancing Act,” “Divide and Prosper,” “The Share Era,” “Simplify Work Life,” and the one I cannot stop uttering to myself…”It Shouldn’t Be This Hard.” These are just five of the nearly 100 names I considered for this website/blog. Why was it so hard to name? Why did I settle on The Flex Frontier? Well,

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