Q: Do I need to have an account or be logged in to be able to post an opportunity or apply for a job?

A: To encourage sharing and remove barriers to connecting with others, we are not requiring the creation of accounts on the Flex Frontier at this time. Anyone is free to submit a listing by providing an email address and description of the listing. All postings will be reviewed by the site administrator and approved at her discretion.

Q: What exactly is a “Share Board?”

A: Our goal is to connect people with each other and with opportunities or resources that can add flexibility to their lives. There are several great flexible job search sites already out there (see Job Search Sites). While we encourage you to share flexible job opportunities on our Share Board, what we really see the need for is something that allows people to post and search for a broader range of services and opportunities – like a job share partner, a business partner, a babysitting co-op, or any other opportunity you can think of that will help you better manage your responsibilities or fulfill your goals. Bottom line: use it in the way that will be most helpful to you!

Q: If I am interested in learning more about a listing for a job, a job share, or business partnership, is contacting the person who posted the listing the same as applying for the position?

A: Experienced job sharers and business partners will tell you that finding a successful partner requires not only finding the right match, but having many factors fall into place, including location, goals, communication styles, and supportive managers. It’s not an easy match to make with strangers on a website, but it can be done. In the same way people use online dating sites or childcare sites to find caregivers, an online sharing board can be equally effective in matching you with a prospective partner. We provide the platform for advertising and seeking opportunities and let you take it from there. If you see a listing that interests you, we suggest you email the person who posted it, share your resume and LinkedIn profile if you have one, and start a dialogue about the opportunity.

Q: How long will my posting appear on the site?

A: All postings are automatically set to expire after 90 days. If you would like to remove a posting before the 90 day expiration, please use the Contact Us form or email us at flexfrontier@gmail.com with your request.

Q: What types of opportunities can I post on the Share Board?

A: The Flex Frontier is all about connecting people with resources and each other to help make our lives more flexible. Our Share Board is intended to be a forum to facilitate those connections. We encourage you to use our Share Board to post and find a job share partner, a business partner, a flexible job, a babysitting co-op, or any other opportunity that will help you better manage your work/life/family responsibilities or fulfill your goals in these areas.

Q: Who will see my posting?

A: Anyone who visits the Flex Frontier website will have the ability to view all active listings on the Share Board. Occasionally posted opportunities may be shared with the Flex Frontier’s audience via social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.