What is Flexibility?

Career flexibility can come in many forms and be long-term or temporary. It is really whatever works best for your unique circumstances, but we describe some of the most common flex arrangements here:

Part Time = less than a 40 hour workweek

Flex Time = the option to work some hours which fall outside of the typical 9am-5pm workday

Telecommute/ Work From Home = the ability to work from home or another location of your choosing for all or a portion of your workweek.

Job Share = A job share is when two individuals split the responsibilities for one job.

Internship = a fixed project or role that allows a professional to gain on the job experience and training in exchange for the work he/she provides. They may or may not be paid. Goldman Sachs coined the term “returnship” to refer to the roles they offer senior level professionals who are returning to the workforce after time off (typically women who took breaks to start families).

Entrepreneur = someone who starts a business or organization, could be a part time or full time endeavor and based on creating a business case or working for a social or political cause.

Freelance or Contract = Jobs that are typically done on a project basis, based on a deliverable or set period of time.

Photo credit: Canon in 2D / Foter / CC BY