Introducing “Indiforce”-Creating a New On-Demand Workforce

I recently met with Karin Meyer, CEO and Co-Founder of Indiforce, a new marketplace connecting qualified independent professionals to high-caliber project opportunities in the Bay Area. Read our interview to learn more about how Indiforce hopes to evolve the workforce for skilled, independent workers and companies seeking on-demand experts.

Tell us about you and your business, Indiforce.

I’m a former technology executive, determined to find ways to ensure top talent stays in the workforce. This is a problem which affects women disproportionately, but is shared by both women and men seeking ways to balance their financial and professional needs with a lifestyle that meets their personal needs. I believe this can be done most effectively by embracing alternative work models. I co-founded Indiforce last year to create a marketplace that cost-effectively connects a professional, independent, on-demand workforce with high-caliber projects. We focus on finding top-notch independent talent (contractors, freelancers or consultants) to staff projects for small and medium businesses that require temporary or part-time expertise. Our members have high level knowledge and skills and can hit the ground running to assist companies with interim expertise. Indiforce members are vetted, highly experienced independent professionals in areas such as marketing, management, engineering, communications, and project management, who are available on-demand to assist small and mid-size companies.  We also cover hard-to-find, niche expertise. For example, we have a research neuroscientist member as well as a corporate nutritionist.

What is Indiforce looking to accomplish?

We are a woman-led start-up, launching an alternative workforce platform for talented professionals, women and men, who want to manage their careers in a manner better suited to their life choices and personal circumstances.  We want to create an alternative to the traditional “all in” or “all out” work style choices facing both today’s over-committed and overworked professionals and the companies who need high caliber talent on a temporary or project basis. We believe companies everywhere can benefit from access to an on-demand workforce comprising smart, capable, and experienced people,

Where would you like to see Indiforce in 5 years?

In 5 years, we hope to have created an alternative to the traditional corporate work style model that provides highly skilled professionals access to many of the same benefits of the traditional workplace, outside of the 9-5 model. Over time, we hope to build a platform that gives our members access to services such as backup childcare, group insurance policies, training and skills development opportunities, and most of all, community. From the small and mid-size businesses’ perspective, Indiforce will deliver reliable, on-demand talent to fill the gaps in their organizations without the overhead of adding full-time employees. That’s a very ambitious roadmap, which will require creative thinking, great partnerships and new ways of managing the way work is performed.

What sets Indiforce apart from other job site or relaunch services?

The alternative work style model, which is the power of the Indiforce platform, is already in use today in the small and mid-size business market. However, talented independent workers are burdened with the constant need to network to secure engagements, which can take over 30% of their time. We make these individuals more productive by reducing the amount of time they need to spend on obtaining their next contract. For companies looking to staff interim projects, they currently have no single source to find talent quickly and cost-effectively. Connections are most-often made by word-of-mouth – a very hit-or-miss process. No one has established a reliable platform for sourcing a broad range of independent, on-demand, pre-vetted talent. Indiforce is that platform.

Many of the marketplaces in existence today allow anyone to participate, which makes it very hard for companies to find the best talent, and makes it equally hard for the best talent to be found. Everyone is bidding and sifting through reams of 5-star profiles. Professionals are often forced to “pay to play” or have their bid highlighted to hiring companies. Global marketplaces often severely disadvantage US-based workers, in particular in disciplines such as product development, by making it hard to compete on price. Companies more often than not end up with poor quality work as a consequence.

We are committed to creating a marketplace that benefits both the talent and the companies that trust us with their brands.   We will be representing a broad set of skills and carefully managing how many people we accept in any given skill set so that our members get a steady stream of great projects from our site.

How can I take advantage of Indiforce’s services?

For our workforce, we are always on the lookout for great talent to join our network of independent, on-demand professionals. We seek individuals with a strong educational background and a great track record of professional accomplishment, who specialize in professional jobs that lend themselves well to temporary or project-based work, who believe in managing their own careers, and want to support a community that shares that independence.

For companies who want to hire the best independent professionals, we offer access to a one-stop source for their temporary and project staffing needs, both in expected and extraordinary roles. We welcome new opportunities to engage in customer research and develop business partnerships with businesses who understand the value of engaging the independent workforce.

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