The Ultimate in Remote Work: Making the Globe Your Office

Are you a remote worker? Do you like to travel? What if you could do both at the same time? If you are one of the lucky ones with the luxury to work from anywhere, why not make your office an exotic destination somewhere across the globe?  With services like Wanderos, you can combine your flexible work arrangement with an enriching travel experience that can also bring you together with like-minded professionals to stimulate your personal and professional passions. I spoke with Steven Fendry of Wanderos to find out how it supports individuals blending flexible work with dreams of personal travel.

1) What is Wanderos?

Wanderos offers professionals and creatives the opportunity to explore dozens of countries across the globe over the course of 6, 12 or 18 months with other passionate travelers. We arrange all travel, lodging, and logistics so you can focus on work and enjoying your travel experience. The entire goal of Wanderos is to foster life experiences for people. Our participants gain the amazing experience of living among other people, cultures, and places for an extended period of time and create lifelong personal and professional connections by their mutual experience with the other travelers.

2) What are the most common professions/jobs of your travelers?

Some are more tech savvy like programmers, web developers, or digital marketers. We have a handful of more “traditional” jobs like engineers, accountants and consultants who have embedded remote flexibility into their job. Others have some money saved up and are using the time to start a travel blog, write a book, develop an app, or work on their photography portfolio.  Every day there are more and more ways to make a living online so we are meeting people with new jobs we have never heard of all the time.

3) What are the professional benefits to participating in a Wanderos journey?

We select people who are passionate about what they do, regardless of what it is. Getting a bunch of passionate people together who have a variety of different experiences and skill sets is a great time for collaboration and cross pollination of ideas. These people are professionals who want to do something unique and these diverse professional communities are better than what most people develop in an office. We also believe that travel is one of the best sources of inspiration. Most anyone who has lived abroad will attest to the paradigm shift that one has realizing there are different approaches all around the world to the same problem. For others, the biggest professional benefit is time.  Time away from normal routines gives people some freedom to pursue passions that our daily lives can sometimes constrain.

4) In what ways does Wanderos support the practicalities of working remotely?

Aside from accommodations and travel, Wanderos provides a 24/7 workspace with Wifi at all the destinations. Sometimes this is a designated lounge area in a hotel other times it is an internet café across the street. In addition we provide SIM cards at all destinations so that people can immediately access the internet from their phones.

5) Can you describe a typical workweek if there is such a thing?

A typical work week really depends on what type of job you bring with you.  Many of our travelers have more project based work and so find a comfy spot either with us or at a nearby coffee shop and hunker down for a couple days a week and knock out their work so they can spend the rest of the week traveling.  Others have more of a 9-5 schedule and space their work out Monday-Friday.  Travelers often set up their own side trips so people come and go as they please and tailor their work routines to the experiences they prefer.

6) How do your journeys accommodate or not accommodate the needs of children/families? 

From the beginning we have tried to be as inclusive as we possibly can. We have always thought that families would not be as interested in 6-18 months of travel for reasons related to schooling, stability, etc. That being said, we haven’t marketed our journeys to families directly.  But if we started getting applicants for families, we would figure out a way to accommodate their experience.

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Photo credit: Andi Campbell-Jones via / CC BY-NC-ND

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