Resources For Families With Young Children:

There is no bigger job in the world than raising children. Managing a paid job at the same time is arguably one of this generation’s greatest challenges. To manage both effectively, flexibility is key. Explore the resources below for some creative ways to manage the demands of caring for children, as well as some suggestions for how to ensure the time you do spend with your children is high quality.

Flexible Childcare Options: Find childcare, nannies, pet care, special needs care, etc. Site for finding babysitters connected to your social network Helps parents find babysitters and nannies Provides workspace for parents combined with a carespace for children – Babysitting co-op site – Free resources and support for implementing programs in which
parents can bring their children to work and care for them while doing their jobs.

Managing Daily Life:

Weelicious: Meal planning and school lunch ideas, family recipes An online community and resource for working moms to connect, share ideas, suggestions, and advice about juggling work and family and find resources for living on a budget to making quick family dinners. For finding and hiring local professionals to get jobs done Connects you with others in your neighborhood to get tasks done

Meal Delivery Services:

Sous Kitchen: Delivers ready-to-cook meals

Blue Apron: Delivers all the ingredients that you need to make a delicious meal in exactly the right proportions.

Munchery: Delivers fully cooked meals served in oven and microwave-safe containers for easy heating.

Family Activities:

Red Tricycle provides an extensive and user-friendly list of things to do in several major U.S. cities. Also has sections on family meals, birthday party ideas, and useful products.

Pley – a Lego subscription service. Pley aims to raise a more creative and skillful generation that follows the principles of open-ended play while emphasizing the benefits of sharing, reducing waste and giving back to the community.